Our Services

Our customer service department is a hub that acts as a liaison between our suppliers and our customers, ensuring that we have a personalized and effective relationship with each of our customers.

Industrial Raw Materials

MAS ENTERPRISES  is dedicated to provide a full range of International Trade and Procurement Solutions to industries and commercial importers / exporters in Pakistan. With years of experience in the industry, we have grown into a multi-discipline emerging distributors, traders, indenters for commercial  import & export of the following raw materials used in waterproofing SBS/APP Modified Bituminous Membranes, leather and textile products used as under:

  • Non Woven Polyester material
  • Geo Textile
  • Compound Base Fiber Mesh
  • HDPE Films
  • MPET Embossed Release film
  • BOPP Cross Laminated Films
  • Aluminum Foil 10-30 Micron
  • Bitumen/Asphalt Emulsion Plant
  • Asphalt/Bitumen 60/70,80/100
  • Hydro Carbon Petroleum Resins C9/C5
  • Polymers, CO-Polymers, Atactic Polypropylene (APP), Isolated Polypropylene (IPP)
  • Styrene Butadiene Styrene (SBS)
  • Treated Slate Flakes Granules H150
  • Construction chemicals
  • Emulsifiers
  • Lube Oil And Solvent Oil
  • Construction Chemicals
  • Construction Machinery

Finance & Credit

MAS ENTERPRISES Has Developed A Great Knowledge About Our Markets And Customers. Our “Credit Management” team draws upon This Expert Knowledge to Analyze and Suggest Solutions That Will Guarantee and Deliver Sales.

Foreign Trade

While conducting business across borders, you will have to contend with the rules and regulations of each country you plan to do business in or with. Learn why regulations of foreign trade exist, how they affect the way importers and exporters do business, and how to deal with them. One of the most important things to negotiate before closing an import or export transaction is how payment will be made. We’ll help you understand methods of payment, terms, conditions, and alternative financing sources.

Import & Export

In a global economy, there’s money to be made in importing and exporting products from one country to another. We’ll show you how to start and grow a profitable import/export business.

  • Which product will you be importing as the centerpiece of your business? Learn how to choose a viable product to import, and a supplier to produce it.
  • Do you know which product to export? Learn how to choose a product to export and select a market to enter.


There are numerous ways to find overseas customers and foreign suppliers for your import/export business, including targeted social media campaigns, networking, trade shows, and trade missions using various avenues to grow your business.

We introduce ourselves as importers, distributors and inspectors of industrial commodities and other associated goods. In a fast-paced world where business and technology are reaching new heights every day, we are proud of a vast network across Pakistan that is striving to represent your company. As a growing enterprise, we take pride in offering professional and timely quality services. Our diligent and professional staff meets the satisfaction of customer with the consistency and reliability of the supplier. We sincerely hope to strengthen the relationship between buyers and suppliers.

The preparation of accurate and complete doc=-5umentation is a painstaking but critical detail in international shipping. We’ll help you determine which forms are required for your specific import/export shipment, and make sure everything is letter-perfect.

Warehousing Facilities

We offer warehouse facilities to, local and multinational organizations in Pakistan. Offers warehouse facilities and management at strategic locations and we use our global supply chain expertise to design and operate cost effective distribution solutions. We use the best in class, process and system to improve your product flow, service level and logistics costs. Our services include warehousing, inventory control, material handling, order management, location analysis, and industrial packaging and communication networks required for efficient management.

Movers & Packers

Members of our relocation team are trained, disciplined and dedicated to carry out all packing and moving tasks with efficiency. We ensure a safe and stress free transition of your belongings. We look forward to maintain a lasting relationship with all our customers.

Logistics Management

Leaders win through logistics. Vision, sure. Strategy, you must win through superior logistics an import/export business won’t succeed without a firm understanding of logistics. Learn the various steps of sending a shipment, from booking an order with a global freight forwarder to packing, marking, and insuring your cargo for a safe and timely delivery.

Freight Forwarding

We service several lines every month calling Karachi Ports and Bin Qasim.

Change to Quick Shipment, Principal Quick Answer, Sailing Follow-up.Air, FCL and LCL Service, LCL Container Stability and Decolonization Services. Air and sea pre-alerts are automatically sent to all overseas customers, including onboard and designated third parties, via the Freight Execution Service.

Our focus on rate negotiations includes key contacts with all carriers. Our goal is a 24 hour turnaround for all marine rate pricing requests. All containers are door-to-door, including shipment in communication with overseas customer.

Our goal is to have multiple sailings per week and multiple quality career options, with constant flexibility. We offer affordable relocation services.

Custom Brokerage

We have arrangements to provide customs clearing services (sea ports / dry ports and airports) all over Pakistan. Our organization, Customs Clearance Import & Export, is constantly working to provide highly effective, cost effective and reliable services to clients in the warehouse and sustainability field. We segregate your goods according to the best use of HS Codes and SRO.

Especially in I-bond shipments (SRO-492 & 193 etc …) we offer tailored services to suit every need, we like challenges and are looking for creative ways to meet your needs. Our goal is to provide specific and effective, professional, timely service to your individual needs. Our Experience team is here to answer your questions regarding import documentation, taxation and clearance.

Fumigation & Third Party Inspection

We provide third party inspection and commercial fumigation services for wood & wooden packing according to 9spm15 through our certified phytosanitary associated partners used to attest that consignments meet phytosanitary import & export.                              

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