CEO Message

I am delighted to express my sincere appreciation for your business and support in the world of international trade.

MAS ENTERPRISES provides international trade and procurement management with import and export compliance, control processes, supply chain administration, logistics operations, material procurement, inventory control, sourcing and procurement with our diverse technology and expertise. We are committed to providing the most advanced and excellent quality services that enables us to provide consistent quality services with our goal of “Customer First”.

Our top priority is to respond to our customer’s growing needs. To achieve this, we will continue to maintain our corporate philosophy as one of the most important companies in the world.

Looking ahead, we continue to strengthen our business while focusing on implementing our growth strategy, sharing knowledge and innovation with our clients and bringing positive change to the communities in which we work. I am incredibly passionate about this journey and truly believe that we look forward to a new era of development as we see more projects locally and internationally.

Additionally, we will continue to pursue new investment opportunities that create maximum value for our stakeholders, even in uncertain economic environments.

We thank you for your help and look forward to working together for a bright future.


Syed Zulqarnain (CEO)

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